Tuesday, 18 May 2010

To be or not to be?

I have been thinking about making an animation introduction for my showreel. This would only be short, sweet and to the point. As i have not made my own character before i would use the Moom rig, this would then make my work consistent with the backgrounds i am using.

The only problem i would have with making the animation is that i am so busy with finding a new home to live at, it is seriously effecting my university work.

But for now i was thinking about having my moom, nice and relaxed, in possibly a comfortable living room. He could be sitting down on a sofa all chilled out, this would show relaxation to make viewers more comfortable in what they are about to watch.

Things to think about in my scene:
*Moom - What type of position would he be in
*Furniture - A sofa, table, paintings on the wall
*Animation : How much movement should he be doing
Voice : i need a voice to go with the lip syncing

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