Thursday, 20 May 2010

As you can see, this was going to be the scene which i was going to use for the opening of my showreel. I used purple walls as a reflection on my personality as purple is my favourite colour and the paintings are of my work, which gives a little sneak preview of what viewers will be able to see. I was a little unsure which position would be best when relaxing on a sofa.

Sadly, i was unable to animate any of this due to personal issues but i had a intension of doing this, which would have made my showreel more individual to others. I also took a little to much time to model and set the scene.

Although i was unable to complete this, i was still happy with the result of my work. As i had never used DVD Studio Pro, i did not create anything really outstanding. But as i always need to remember keeping work simple can make my work worth more. My show reel has a clear, easy layout which makes viewers be able to operate with ease. The bold images for the background make my work stand out and everything else pretty much does it self. I just hope that the people watching actually like my animation work.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Which Animation

Well as i need to place animation pieces into my show reel, i am wondering which pieces i should and should not place on.

I am pretty pleased with the work i have created this year. I think my group environment project is the best i have done, and is the most enjoyable yet also stressful.
Talking of this subject James and i have actually continued to work on this project to correct the things which were wrong when we handed the work in. I must say that James done most of it, i was just his little helper at hand.

We sorted out a few textures which were duplicated on other props within the animation. This made our piece of glass on the floor actually look like glass instead of something rusty. We also rendered out the missing layers which had made a big difference to the lighting. As well as correcting the sound effects as a few were a little too loud, like the door closing.
With these things changed, it has made a bid difference to our work, and now i am even more happy with the project than i was before.

So my environment animation shall be featured in the show reel, as well as my sheep indents i made for the Black Sheep bar. I shall also put the Rave Live animation on there too, even though i am not totally happy with it. The look and style of it is really eye catching and attractive but the animation could have been to a better standard.

For 2D i shall most likely place my sack test in, my ball and tail animation and some type of walk cycle to show the principles of animation.

For the last sections on having drawings. I shall place my best life drawing which may not be all that much. Life drawing is something i really want to improve in, i wonder if they do any free life drawing classes in the summer time.

I also have my own digital art, which is mainly anime type of drawing, but most of them are personal as they include me with friends, so that they have more meaning to me and my friends get to have something in which they can remember me by.

This is one of my Digital drawings, this includes, Michelle, Yuki, Ryan, James and i. I done this image for Team S.T.A.R.S which was our environments project.

To be or not to be?

I have been thinking about making an animation introduction for my showreel. This would only be short, sweet and to the point. As i have not made my own character before i would use the Moom rig, this would then make my work consistent with the backgrounds i am using.

The only problem i would have with making the animation is that i am so busy with finding a new home to live at, it is seriously effecting my university work.

But for now i was thinking about having my moom, nice and relaxed, in possibly a comfortable living room. He could be sitting down on a sofa all chilled out, this would show relaxation to make viewers more comfortable in what they are about to watch.

Things to think about in my scene:
*Moom - What type of position would he be in
*Furniture - A sofa, table, paintings on the wall
*Animation : How much movement should he be doing
Voice : i need a voice to go with the lip syncing

The first steps

As you may or may not know, i am coming to the end of my second year of studying animation. As a result, my class and i are creating a show reel to show the best parts of what we have created. My first show reel is being made on DVD Studio Pro, where you can create menus so that you can just click which art piece you would like to watch.

I have created a few different backgrounds for the different types of menus i will be making. I was thinking having a page for 3D, 2D and my drawings, which will include life drawing, my own sketches and digital art which i do in my own time.

Having different images for the background will help to keep people entertained. I have created the backgrounds with Adobe Maya with the all famous Moom.

I have created this image to welcome people to looking at my show reel, this shows a friendly and fun environment.

This little rock dude is to show a little bit of my personality to people without actually saying a word. I like pose as it is very expressive.

This image is for more of a comedy purpose to enlighten people and this gives off a nice aroma compared to the other images.

I was originally going to make these images into small animations, but thought as that would only be very short, it would be very repetitive if i were to have them on a loop, yet having it only play once, would also finish very quickly. So bearing them in mind, i think this is the best way to solve my problems.