Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The first steps

As you may or may not know, i am coming to the end of my second year of studying animation. As a result, my class and i are creating a show reel to show the best parts of what we have created. My first show reel is being made on DVD Studio Pro, where you can create menus so that you can just click which art piece you would like to watch.

I have created a few different backgrounds for the different types of menus i will be making. I was thinking having a page for 3D, 2D and my drawings, which will include life drawing, my own sketches and digital art which i do in my own time.

Having different images for the background will help to keep people entertained. I have created the backgrounds with Adobe Maya with the all famous Moom.

I have created this image to welcome people to looking at my show reel, this shows a friendly and fun environment.

This little rock dude is to show a little bit of my personality to people without actually saying a word. I like pose as it is very expressive.

This image is for more of a comedy purpose to enlighten people and this gives off a nice aroma compared to the other images.

I was originally going to make these images into small animations, but thought as that would only be very short, it would be very repetitive if i were to have them on a loop, yet having it only play once, would also finish very quickly. So bearing them in mind, i think this is the best way to solve my problems.

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