Thursday, 20 May 2010

As you can see, this was going to be the scene which i was going to use for the opening of my showreel. I used purple walls as a reflection on my personality as purple is my favourite colour and the paintings are of my work, which gives a little sneak preview of what viewers will be able to see. I was a little unsure which position would be best when relaxing on a sofa.

Sadly, i was unable to animate any of this due to personal issues but i had a intension of doing this, which would have made my showreel more individual to others. I also took a little to much time to model and set the scene.

Although i was unable to complete this, i was still happy with the result of my work. As i had never used DVD Studio Pro, i did not create anything really outstanding. But as i always need to remember keeping work simple can make my work worth more. My show reel has a clear, easy layout which makes viewers be able to operate with ease. The bold images for the background make my work stand out and everything else pretty much does it self. I just hope that the people watching actually like my animation work.

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